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How do I manage my Elance Account?

posted this on July 06, 2011 10:47 AM

Managing your Elance account is only a click away. There are a number of default settings and messages you should keep an eye on. Click below to learn more.

Time Zones and World Clock

You have the ability to check the time in different cities from one location when you add additional time zones for your World Clock. To select time zones:

  1. Click on your username at the top of the Elance website and choose Settings   
  2. Click Time Zones and World Clock on the left.

Next, set your Local Time and add additional timezones. You can select up to 5 timezones.


The time zones created will be available in the Workroom for each awarded job. Please note that the time zones setup on World Clock are for reference only and will not change the timestamps for messages or other actions completed via the Workroom.

Please Note:  The time zone you have set as your local time will be used as the time tracked in Elance Tracker.

Elance Session Timed Out

When you log into Elance, you will remain logged into the site as long you continue to be active (navigating between pages, making payments, sending messages, etc.).  After six hours of inactivity, Elance will end your session and you will be prompted to sign in again to access your account.  

You also have the option to stay logged into Elance from your computer for a 2 week period.  From the Sign In page, click the box next to Keep me signed in for 2 weeks.  If you have your browser settings configured to delete your cookies when the browser window is closed, you will not able to use this feature.   


Note: Do not use this option if you share your computer with other users. 

Inactive Account Fee

If your account has not had any payment activity for at least 5 consecutive months and you have funds in your account, there will be a $5 per month* inactive account fee assessed per our Terms of Service. You have the following options to avoid the fee:

1) Complete a payment activity

  • For cients: making a payment on a job or submitting a Featured job post qualify as a payment activity.

2) Withdraw the balance

*If you have an account balance that is less than $5, we will deduct only up to the amount you have in your account. Once your account balance is at zero, you will no longer be subject to the inactivity fee.


Account Files

You can store your commonly used files in the Files section under the Manage tab and reference them from within any Workroom or Job Post. Instead of uploading the same file again and again, you can now upload it once to your account and link to it from other workrooms or posts. This same capability will be available shortly for all areas of Elance including Proposals, Workroom Files, and Portfolio.


To access the Account Files section, click on the Manage tab in the top navigation bar and then click on Files.


To access the Account Files section, take the following steps:
Click on Manage in 

Resetting your Password or finding your Username

If you have forgotten your username or password, follow the steps below:

Forgot Password

  1. Click on the Sign In link in the upper right corner of our web pages.
  2. Click on the Forgot? link to the right of the Password field.
  3. Enter your Elance username and the email address you used to register your Elance account.
  4. An email will be sent to the registered email address with a secure link.  Follow the instructions in that email to reset your password and log in. 

Note: For security reasons, the reset password link in the email will expire in 24 hours.


Forgot Username

  1. Click on the Sign In link in the upper right corner of our web pages.
  2. Click on the Forgot? link to the right of the username field.
  1. Enter the email address you used to create your Elance account and click the 'submit' button.
  2. You will receive an email with the username(s) associated with that email address.


NOTE: If you do not have access to the registered email address on your Elance account, click the 'Submit a Request' link at the top the page to contact Customer Support.  In your email, please include your first and last names and the email address you used to register your account.

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