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Skill Tests: How do I show off my skills?

posted this on May 02, 2009 12:03 PM

Updated: Sept. 16, 2013

Showing off your skills is one of the best ways to stand out on Elance. On Elance, you can get your skills tested by taking one or more Elance skill tests. For instances in which a skill test is not available, you can still list this skill on your profile for prospective clients to see.

To take an Elance skill test, log in to your Elance account and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Find Work tab in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Freelancer Profile link.
  3. On your profile you will see the Skills link on the left side. 
  4. Click Add Skill(s) on the Edit Skills page. If you need to retake a test, click on the Edit link next to your skill. You will then see a link to retake the test.
  5. Select one of the skills from the Add Skills dropdown menu.  Once the skill is selected, click the button titled Take the Skills Test and then the button titled Continue.
  6. On the Test Landing page, click the red button labeled Start Test and then click it again on the resulting page.  The test will take a moment to get configured and then ask you to click another button Click here to start your test which will start the clock and display the first question and set of answers.

Note:  The number of skills that you can display is based on your membership plan. Basic members can display 10 skills and individual freelancers can display 15 skills.  Small and Large Company users can display 20 and 25 skills respectively. 

Once you have completed a test, you will see the results in your profile. When you choose to "display" the test score on your profile, the average mark of all test takers will be shown to indicate where you are compared to the average. If you score higher than 30% of all test takers, you will receive a special indicator next to your score bar (Top 20%, Top 10%, etc.).

For team accounts, the company skills are the skills that are approved by the administrator of the company account and are the skills that the company markets to the potential employers on Elance. The administrator can follow the same steps listed above to edit the skills on a team account. Members of the team can take any skill tests.

To view all available skill tests, click here.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Smarterer Tests

Q. With the new Smarterer tests, will my results from earlier tests still show on my profile?

A. Yes, until you take a Smarterer test for a skill, your existing test results will be displayed. However, if you choose to take a Smarterer test for a skill that you are already displaying on your profile then the best results will be displayed. So, if you performed better on the earlier version (non-Smarterer) of the test, those results will be displayed unless you choose otherwise. 

Q. I took a test and now I’m getting contacted by Smarterer. Why am I being contacted?

A. By taking a Smarterer test, you are creating a user account with Smarterer and Smarterer may send you direct email. All Smarterer accounts created through taking a test on Elance are private by default, which means they are not publicly visible on the Smarterer community.  You can modify your notification and other Smarterer settings by logging into your Smarterer account. To login to your Smarterer account, visit Use the email address you’ve registered with for your Elance account and click "request password." This will email you a direct login link. We are working on a more seamless login experience for your Smarterer account in the future. Having a Smarterer account allows you to display Smarterer test results wherever a Smarterer is enabled. Additionally, you can become an active contributor to the Smarterer community, contributing to new and existing tests they develop. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Skill Tests

Q: Are Skill Tests free?

A: Yes, Skill Tests are free for all freelancers.

Q. How can I best prepare for a Skill Test? Is there a way to know what to expect or to preview the questions that are included in a test?

A. Each test includes a test syllabus that indicates the duration as well as other important details surround each test (e.g. content, prerequisite knowledge, etc.) This also includes a sample question to give you an idea of the types of questions each test will include. To maintain the integrity of test results, you will not have the option to "preview" the questions included in a Skill Test. However, there are ways to prepare yourself and increase your chances for success: Review each Skill Test syllabus carefully, before you take the test to confirm your qualifications. Also, visit Elance University where you can participate in online video courses to improve your skills.  

Q. I started a test but the results aren't showing on my profile. How do I display the skill on my profile?

A. In order to pass the test and display the results in your profile, you will need to complete the test.


Q. Elance doesn't have a test available for my skill. How do I display this on my profile? 

A. You can display a skill on your profile without taking a test. On the Skills section of your profile, click "edit" and type in your skill, selecting to "display."

Q. I took a test but didn't score as well as I'd like. Can I display this on my profile without the test score? 

A. If you have elected to take a test for your skill and you wish to display this skill on your profile, your test results will display. You cannot display a skill on your profile without the test results if you have previously taken a test for that skill.

Q. Can I delete my test results or retake a test for a different score?

A. If there are questions remaining on a test, tests can be taken again to improve your scores. However, note that your earlier results will not be reset. That is, your new results can improve or lower your test score. If you resume a test, the score you received on the most recent test will be displayed, even if it is lower than a previous score. Scores are updated when you retake or resume a test.

Q. I took a test and answered all the questions correctly. Why don't I show as ranking at the top of all test takers?

A. Your score corresponds to a percentile, representing how well you have answered compared to the whole curve of test takers. Test takers see easier and harder questions based on how they answer each one so it is possible others have answered correctly on a harder version of the same test, thus ranking higher. New questions are added regularly. When the Improve Score link becomes active on your profile you can begin taking the test to try to improve your score.

Q. Why do I have more time to complete some questions over others?

A. The amount of time allotted to each question is defined by an algorithm that takes into account question length, complexity, the average adult reading speed, and additional factors. 

Q. I finished all the questions but want to improve my score. Can I take the test again?

A. New questions are added regularly. When the "Improve Score" link becomes active on your profile you can begin taking the test to try to improve your score.

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