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What is the Workroom?

posted this on May 05, 2009 09:47 PM

When a job is awarded on Elance, a Workroom is automatically created for the freelancer and client to use to communicate and manage work for the job.

The Workroom allows safe and effective communication and file-sharing. Communications are stored, reducing paperwork and ensuring documentation for completed work.

To access the Workroom for a job, login to your Elance account and follow these steps:

  1. Click My Elance in the top navigation bar.
  2. Select and click on the job name.

The following features are included in your project's Workroom. Learn more about these features below and how they can help you manage your work on Elance:

  • Real-time communication: Live meetings with colleagues and freelancers regarding the job.
  • Secure: Workrooms are encrypted with HTTPS
  • Consolidated: All job information, including conversation transcripts, are stored in one place.
  • File Sharing: Each workroom allows upload and sharing of up to 1GB of files with indication of versions of each file.
  • Widgets: Apps to increase productivity, such as to-do lists, video conferencing, and more. To learn more about Workroom widgets, click here.


Workroom Messages

The Messages section of the Workroom is always open when you navigate to the Workroom. Messages are organized by most recent to oldest. Messages may be entered directly while in the Workroom or via the specific Workroom email address provided in the Workroom. Only emails from the address used for your Elance account will be accepted into the Workroom. To add a message via email, simply send it to the Workroom email address (sample address: and it will be directly added to the messages area.

You will receive an email notification each time the other party leaves a message in the Workroom. If a reply is needed, you may do so in either of these ways:

  1. Reply to the email without changing the subject line. The email will be entered directly into the Message area. Changing the subject line will cause the email to be undeliverable.
  2. Login to your Elance account, navigate to the Workroom, and enter your reply into the Messages area. 

You can use the Broadcast feature to send one message to multiple Workrooms. To send a Broadcast message:

  1.  In My Jobs on the My Elance page, check the boxes of the workrooms you wish to send the same message to.
  2. Click on "Broadcast Message" in the right panel.
  3. Type your message in the box and click "Send."


Real-time communication is available when the "People" section of the Workroom indicates that both you and the other party are in the Workroom at the same time. If this is the case, you can request "Meeting Mode" and chat in real-time. This communication takes place and is saved in the Message area of the Workroom.


Sharing files is an important part of the work process. Each Workroom's Files section includes 500MB of file space. File access is available only to the freelancer and client, as well as those the client may give special permissions to by adding Team Members or Guests. To learn more about adding Team Members or Guests, click here. Files are protected with HTTPS protocol, as is the whole Workroom. Files attached to the job post or proposal, terms, and/or messages, are automatically added to the Files.

Please Note: Elance does virus checking on all files uploaded by users to the workroom (either via email in to the workroom or posting from the website), proposal attachments, job posting attachments, portfolios, etc. and automatically remove any that fail the virus scan. Elance does not validate that a reference or a link to another website may be malicious and users should always be wary of visiting a website that is not trusted or known to them. If you do suspect that a message may link to a malicious website, please inform Elance Customer Support.

Files may be added either via the Files section or as an attachment to a Message. To upload a File via the Files section, under Recent Files in the Workroom, click "Upload Now." Browse to the file on your computer and click "Upload File." In the File area, you can view all of the uploaded files, including versions of the files, as well as how much space has been used in the Workroom. To add a file as an attachment to a message, click “Add Attachment” below the Message box, browse to the file and upload it. Either way, the file will be saved to the File section. Files may be categorized and downloaded from the messages or from the Files section.

Files may be viewed in the Files section by list or gallery view. They may be downloaded or a new version uploaded (using the Options dropdown menu). If a new version with the same name is uploaded, you will be asked if you wish to upload as a new version, rename the file, or cancel the file upload. To view previous versions, click the + next to the file name.

The following file limits apply:

• Individual files may be up to 100MB in size. 
• If you require more than the 500MB of storage provided per Workroom, please contact Customer Support.
• 10 files may be placed in one message in the Workroom.
• 10 files may be placed via one email message to the Workroom.

Tips for Uploading Files

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Flash.
  2. Use a supported browser. See our minimum system requirements here.  
  3. Disable popup blockers. Attachments require a popup window.
  4. Make sure your file has a DOS extension. Computer files uploaded through Elance should have an extension such as .html or .doc, which indicates file type. If you try to upload a file to Elance without an extension, you will get an error message. Here are some common extensions (.html — a Web document, .txt — a text document, and .gif or .jpg — an image).
  5. To upload a .exe or .bat file, please zip the file before uploading.
  6. Use common file types. Elance accepts all file types, but some files will not display in a browser window. Using the most common file types (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .html, or .txt) will ensure that the file will open if clicked on.

Note: If a freelancer has uploaded files in a proposal and is not hired for the job, Elance will delete the files attached to the job after 6 months. If the freelancer is hired, the uploaded files will remain in the Workroom while the job is active. When the job is complete and Workroom is inactive, the files will be deleted after 12 months of inactivity. (e.g. payments, Messages, etc.)

Workroom Widgets

Elance offers several Workroom widgets that allow for additional communication between freelancers and clients and a more organized workflow among team members. You can find these widgets in your project's Workroom and via Resources/My Apps. For more information on Workroom Widgets, click here

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