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What is a Featured Post?

posted this on May 04, 2009 10:13 PM

Featured Posts are job posts that receive enhanced prominence on the site and attract the highest quality proposals. You can set up your job from the beginning as a Featured Post or Relist an existing Job Post as Featured.

Featured posts:

  • Are highlighted at the top of job search results.

  • Receive more proposals - Featured Jobs on average receive 30% more proposals than non-featured jobs.

  • Attract the highest quality candidates - Featured Jobs signal that you mean business.

  • Receive tailored proposals - candidates invest more to respond to Featured Jobs.

  • Get proposals faster - the Featured sort option makes your job stand out in the marketplace.

  • Allow you to invite as many Freelancers as you'd like.

  • Let you Relist the job after you post. It will be placed again at the top of job search. (Limit of two relistings per job).

  • Let you hang onto any proposals you've already received (if a job post is Relisted as Featured).

There is a $25 cost to feature your post.


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