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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Popular Questions 
   How The Elance Work System Puts You In Control
   Overview Of The Process: Find, Hire, Manage, Pay, Rate 
   How Much Does It Cost To Use Elance?
   How To Reach Customer Support

Hiring Experts on Elance

Provide Services on Elance

Getting Started
   Signing Up As A Client

Finding Experts
   Finding Freelancers For Your Job
   Inviting Freelancers To Submit a Proposal on Your Job

Posting Your Job
   Writing Your Job Description
   Why You Should Consider Featuring Your Job

Evaluating Candidates & Reviewing Proposals
   Reviewing Freelancer Profiles
   Interviewing and Selecting a Candidate
   Viewing Your List of Proposals
   Reviewing and Ranking Your Proposals

Hiring the Freelancer
   Negotiating Terms
   Setting Up Job Milestones
   Funding The First Milestone

Managing The Job
   Using Weekly Status Reports to Make Progress
   Uploading, Viewing And Sharing Files
   Providing Private Feedback to Elance During The Job

Making Payment
   Facilitated Tax Filings
   Paying a Bonus to Your Freelancer

After The Job Is Complete
   Leaving Feedback For Your Freelancer 
   Rehiring Your Freelancer
   Organizing Your Freelancers

Beyond the Basics
   Invite Only Jobs
   How To Cancel A Job
   How To Authenticate A Credit Card
   Dispute Resolution

Getting Started
   Signing Up as a Freelancer
   Upgrading Your Membership

Creating Your Profile
   Skills & Keywords

Finding Job Opportunities 
   Recommendations from Elance
   Finding Jobs Through RSS Feeds
   Using the Watchlist
   Tracking and Managing Opportunities

Submitting Proposals on Jobs
   How to Submit Your Proposal
   What is a Connect?
Getting Hired
   Using Milestones To Make Progress

Managing The Job
   Communicating With Clients
   Using The “Workroom”
   Submitting Weekly Status Reports
   Uploading Work Deliverables

Getting Paid
   Using the 1099 Service
   Adding Your Financial Accounts
After The Job Is Complete
   Receiving Feedback From Your Client
   Getting Rehired

Beyond the Basics
   Team Accounts
   Sponsored Proposals
   My Stats
   Dispute Resolution

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