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What are Elance Groups?

Groups are communities of Freelancers who are aligned based on affiliations and/or professional expertise. Groups are organized by sponsoring companies who set the membership criteria to join their Group.

Membership in an Elance Group gives a Freelancer recognition for their experience and expertise by displaying corresponding Group badges on their Elance profile. The criteria to join a Group is set by the organizing company, and is often based on passing corresponding skill tests on Elance or other custom requirements.

Group affiliations help prospective Clients identify Freelancers based on their branded credentials. Often Clients prefer working with Freelancers who are members of Groups that are relevant to the expertise they seek.

How do I post a job for a Group?

By posting a job for a Group, you are letting all Freelancers know that you prefer responses from those who have passed the membership criteria for that Group.

To post a job to a Group, log into your account and follow these steps:

  1. Click the More link in the footer of any Elance page.

  2. Select Groups from the menu.

  3. Search for Groups in the directory.  Once you found a Group you want to post your job to, click on the Group name.

  4. On the Group page, click on the Post a Job link under the Group description.

  1. Click on the Post Your Job button in the top navigation

  2. Pick the Group that is relevant to the skill you are searching for in the Request specific skills or Groups field.


     3.  Complete the job posting process.

How do I join a Group?

Each Group has different membership criteria determined by the Group Administrator.  Elance does not determine who can and cannot join a particular Group. At this time, only Freelancers can join Groups.

To join a Group, log into your account and follow these steps:

  1. Click the More link in the footer on any Elance page and then click Groups OR you can click the Join Groups link to the bottom right of  your Freelancer Profile page.

  2. Search for Groups in the directory.  Once you found a Group you want to join, click on the Group name.

  3. On the Group page, click the green Join this Group button.

  4. Complete the specific Group criteria listed on this page, and then click Join Group.

If you meet the Group criteria, you should be added to the Group within to 2-3 business days.  

How do I leave a group?

You can leave a Group at any time.  Simply, go to the Group’s page and click the Leave This Group button on the left side of the page.

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