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What is the Hourly Job Control Panel?

The Hourly Job Control Panel gives the Client and Freelancer full visibility to the status of the job and is on the left side of every page within a Workroom.

The Control Panel has the following features:

  • Status reflects the current status for the job based on the Freelancer’s Status Report or if the Client has paused the job.

  • Work View reflects whether or not this feature has been enabled and as a result if payments will be processed using Auto-Pay.  If Not Ready appears next to Work View, the Client should check the default payment method.  Either an authenticated credit card or PayPal account needs to be set as the default option. To learn more about Auto-Pay, click here.

  • Authorized Hours reflects the hours that have been approved for work for this and next week.  The hours for the current week cannot be modified, but the Client can change the authorized hours for next week by clicking on Next Week.  To learn more about changing authorized hours, click here.   

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