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Payment Error Messages

If you are having problems making a Paypal or credit card payment, please see the links below for more details regarding each type of error message. 

Credit Card Payment Errors

You've entered an invalid zip or postal code. Please correct and retry.


When you enter a new credit card or edit the address on an existing card in your account, the information is automatically confirmed with the Address Verification System (AVS). If you receive the error above, this means the information you have entered does not match your credit card company's merchant database. In this case, we recommend contacting your credit card company directly to confirm the address in their systems. 

Please note that most credit card companies maintain both a billing and a merchant database. Please ensure the company specifically verifies the address in their merchant database. Once the information has been confirmed, please sign back into Elance and attempt to add/edit your card again. 


We could not process your request. Please try reloading the page and submitting your request again. 


When this error is received, your transaction has been declined by the card issuing bank. In some cases, the decline is due to errors when entering your card details. Please verify your information was entered correctly within your account by clicking Manage > Financial Accounts > Edit.  If you have verified your details are correct, yet the issue persists, please contact your card issuing bank directly to review your account and the transaction attempt. Your bank will be able to provide you with the exact reason your payment was not authorized. 


System Error Processing Activation


This error indicates your credit card payment is not being authorized when attempting to pay for a Featured or Verified Job Post. In most cases, the card has hit against a fraud algorithm or is not authorized for online payments, and the transaction will need to be authorized by your credit card company. Please contact your credit card company directly to resolve the issue and attempt the transaction once more. 


Your address is invalid for this bank account

Inline image 1

When user get this error, please direct user to remove any non-alphanumeric characters AND also have the user verify they have a full personal address associated with the bank account on file. Often times a user will select their existing address from their settings. If this address is missing a zip code, our system will provide the error at time of withdrawal attempt.

Inline image 2

PayPal Payment Errors

We are not able to process your payment using your Paypal account at this time. Please return to the recipient's website to complete your transaction using their regular checkout flow. 


When linking your PayPal account to Elance, you will be directed to log in to PayPal. Once logged in you are asked to confirm that your account is valid and capable of making and receiving payments by agreeing to a Billing Agreement with Elance. PayPal will require you to have a payment source, such as a credit card, on file in order sign the agreement. If this process is unsuccessful, you will receive the error message above. This is usually due to an issue with currency settings within Paypal or your default or backup method of payment used to sign the agreement. Please contact PayPal for assistance. 

When contacting PayPal, be sure to ask to be transferred to a manager specifying that you need assistance with enabling a Billing Agreement. In most cases, the representatives you initially speak with will have only limited account access. You can contact them online at: or call them at US phone number (402) 935-2050.


There was a problem with funding. Please select an alternative funding source on your PayPal account, or choose another payment method on Elance. 


This message indicates the primary payment source linked to your Elance Billing Agreement from within PayPal has been declined. By default, PayPal uses your listed payment source at the time you signed your Billing Agreement. In this case, we would recommend logging into your Paypal account and changing the default method of payment for Elance. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Click My Account
  2. Click Profile in the submenu and then My Money
  3. Next to the Preapproved Payments section, click Update
  4. Find the Elance subscription and click on Elance
  5. Click on the Change link next to the funding source and choose your new payment method






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