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What are Status Reports?

Status Reports are an important way to keep Clients up-to-date with the status of a job. They allow you to stay in close communication with your Client and exchange information about the current status of a job, including the progress against agreed upon Milestones, attachments and plans for the upcoming week. You can also use Status Reports to document when a Milestone has been completed and  to request the release of funds held in Escrow or payment for non-Escrow Fixed Price jobs.  

When are Status Reports due?

Each week's Status Report is due from the Freelancer to the Client by Sunday night at 11:59 PM (Eastern Standard Time). However, the Freelancer can submit the Status Report at anytime during the week. Any revisions can be re-sent during the week as long as the subsequent week's report has not been created. Once a Status Report is submitted, the Client may accept or contest the report.

Escrow Release Requests as Status Reports

For Escrow jobs, when you request release of a Milestone, a Status Report is automatically created, and the item will be auto populated in the Billing Section of the Status Report. You can enter supporting comments and click Submit.  The appropriate invoice(s) or Release Request(s) will be sent immediately to the Client.

Each Status Report includes:

  • The week's ending date.

  • Current Job Status as assessed by the Freelancer (for example: ‘OK’, ‘Problem’ or ‘Complete').

  • Milestone Progress Updates in the form of the percentage completed of any project Milestone.  Milestones marked as 100% can be added to the Billing Section.  

  • File attachments as needed.

  • Billing Section for Milestones that were completed as 100% for that week.  Your Client will be able to approve and pay for completed Milestones directly from the Status Report.

  • The Client will also be able to ask a Freelancer a question, mark the job as a problem, or file a dispute.

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