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How do I set my availability?

Freelancers can set their availability status to help manage incoming invites and also notify browsing Clients ahead of time if they are unavailable. To configure your availability follow these steps:

  1. Click on your username at the top right hand corner of Elance and then click the Settings link.

  2. Click on the Work Preferences link on the left.  

  3. Click My Availability. Here you will be able to set your availability to accept new work on Elance.

  4. If you would like to receive job invitations, but only for certain job types then select "I want to receive invites from prospective clients" and Save.  Next, click the Client & Job Preferences link to set your job filters.

  5. From the Client & Job Preferences page you can indicate the types of jobs that you would like to receive invitations from. This is a great way to make sure you only get invited to jobs and certain Clients that fit what you are looking for.

Note: If you decide to set your availability to not accept invites, you and your Client will still be able to post Repeat Jobs in order to continue working together.  

Additionally from the My Availability page you have an Invite Stats widget that will provide you with some key stats regarding your current job invites.

Note:  Your stats will not be calculated until you have at least 5 invites within 30 days.

  • Job Invites - The number of Job Invites that were sent to you within the last 30 days. This includes a 3 day grace period so only job invites that were received more than 3 days ago will count.

  • Submitted Proposals - The number of proposals you submitted for these invited jobs.

  • Declined - The number of declined responses you sent to job invites.

  • No Response - The number of invites that have not been responded to after the 3 day grace period.  Note: If you respond, but outside of 10 days of invitation, then it is considered a non-response.

  • Response Rate - Your availability status will be set to unavailable if your response rate falls below 50%.

Note: Your response rate is updated once a day.

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