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Identifying Top Job Scams

At Elance we take your security seriously and invest heavily in protecting you from fraud. You can help too by looking out for potential scams such as the ones below:  

Scam #1: A business asks you to enter credit card or bank information on an external site.

  • Never give any financial info to businesses. All payments should be completed through the secure Elance site.  

Scam #2. A business requires you to make a purchase from them to work on a project (such as software or online services).

  • Specialized software should be purchased from a reputable third-party company, not directly from the business.  

Scam #3. A business wants to send you a check or wire transfer funds to you.

  • To get your financial information, fraudsters may pretend to send you a payment. Money should not be sent directly to you. All payments should be sent through the secure Elance system.
Learn more about how to protect your account by clicking here and other possible job scams to keep an eye out for by clicking here.
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