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Dispute Assistance for Hourly Jobs

When time is billed on an Hourly job, screenshots are streamed to the Work View™ section of the workroom.  If the Client determines that the screenshot is not relevant to their job, they can reject the screenshot, which will deduct 12 minutes from the Timesheet for each rejection.

How to reject a screenshot

To reject a screenshot, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Elance account.

  2. Click My Elance in the top navigation bar.

  3. Click on the appropriate job name.

  4. In the job's Workroom, click on the Work View™ link on the left navigation bar.

  5. Rollover the screenshot in question and click on the Reject icon that appears.   

Once a screenshot has been rejected, the Freelancer will receive an email notification and a message will be posted in the Workroom.

The Freelancer will also see a red box around any screenshots that have been rejected in their Workroom.

If the Freelancer agrees with the adjustments, no further action is needed and the Timesheet will be paid as normal.  If the Freelancer disagrees with the rejected screenshot, the Freelancer can contact the Client through the Workroom to discuss the issue.  If both parties are unable to reach a resolution the Freelancer can file a dispute.   

How to file a Dispute

You may initiate the Dispute Assistance process by following the steps below: 

  1. Log in to your account and click My Elance.

  2. Underneath the job name, click the Actions drop-down and select Refund, Cancel or Dispute link.

  3. Select the Go to Work View button to begin rejecting screenshots.

  4. If your Freelancer did not use Work View, and you would like to dispute Other Hours, click the File a Request link from the right navigation.

Rejecting a screenshot or filing a dispute for an Hourly job must be done within the following timeline:

  1. The Freelancer (or the system) will submit the Timesheet to the Client by Monday at 7:00 AM ET.

  2. The Client has until the following Friday at 11:59 PM ET  ("Timesheet Review Period") to review the Timesheet and reject any screenshots or dispute Other Hours before the Timesheet invoice is automatically charged to the Client's payment source.

  3. The Freelancer has 5 business days to accept the changes or file a dispute. If a dispute is raised, Elance will review the screenshot(s) and make a final determination in its sole discretion regarding the validity of the rejected time . If Elance determines the rejected time is valid, the Client's payment method will be charged for the rejected time.  If invalid, the Timesheet adjustment stands.

Note: In order to dispute Other Hours on a Hourly job, the Client must file a dispute prior to end of the Timesheet Review Period.

No Dispute Assistance calls or arbitration is available for Hourly Job Disputes.



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