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What is the My Freelancers page?

The My Freelancers page allows you, as a Client, to:

  • Easily re-hire Freelancers for your projects

  • Invite Freelancers you’ve worked with to new projects

  • Review any updates to a Freelancer's profile

  • Search and quickly find Freelancers by name or tags

You can access your My Freelancers page by clicking My Elance at the top left of the navigation bar and selecting My Freelancers.

A summary panel is also available and gives you a quick glimpse of current jobs and their status. Simply hover over your job or Freelancer and a panel will pop up with additional details.

Relationship Type

On your My Freelancers page, after clicking Expand to the right of the Freelancer, the Relationship Type refers to the tax classification for your Freelancer.  You will see one of the following types:

W2:  You have requested Elance Payroll Services for eligible Freelancers.  For more information about Elance Payroll Services, click here.

Other:  Refers to any Freelancer not specified as W2.

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