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How are Freelancer profiles ranked in search results?

If you do not enter a keyword, the Freelancer profiles in each Category are ranked by Elance Level.

When you enter a keyword, our search engine first identifies the Freelancer profiles that match, then ranks the results by relevance and Level. If two or more profiles appear to have identical relevance to your search, then the Freelancer profiles with a higher Elance "reputation score" are ranked higher in the search results.

The following factors determine the match and ranking process:


A Match is determined by the presence of relevant skills and keywords within the Freelancer’s profile and within the Freelancer's Job History.

The Skills and Keyword sections of the profiles have priority during the matching process. For example, if you search for the term "ajax", a Freelancer with the word "ajax" listed as a Skill will rank higher than a Freelancer that mentions Ajax experience in the profile, but does not list "ajax" as a Skill.  In addition, a Freelancer that has completed "ajax" projects on Elance and has received Feedback for the work performed is ranked higher in the matching process.


A member's Reputation on Elance magnifies the Match score and therefore determines the order in which profiles are displayed.

Reputation is based on relevant and current performance and activity indicators. These indicators include the number of jobs completed, the quality of Feedback received (6 mos only) and the amounts earned (6 mos only). In addition, our system gives weight to Reputation factors such as verified credentials and the number of violations recorded.  Repeat activity - such as working with Clients on follow-up projects and earnings generated by repeat work - also contribute toward a higher Reputation score (and ultimately, higher ranking during keyword search).

If you would like more information on how to search for a Freelancer, click here.

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