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How do I search for Freelancers?

Freelancers in the Elance directory can be found by using a number of different search criteria and filters:

  • Freelancer name or username

  • Category

  • Keyword(s) listed in the Freelancer's profile

  • Businesses or Individual Freelancers

  • Skills

  • Feedback Ratings

  • Number of Reviews received in the last 6 months

  • Hourly Rate

  • Location (World Region [e.g. North America, Asia, etc] or zip code [US and Canada only])

  • Group affiliation 

To start a Freelancer search, log into your account and mouse over Hire in the top navigation bar and then click Search Freelancers. On any search result list, you can use the filters on the left menu bar to refine the results by the following criteria:  Businesses or Individuals, Category, Location, Skills, Feedback (12 months), Number of Reviews (12 months), Hourly Rate and members of Groups.

Once you have your search refined, you can sort the list from the dropdown on the top right by Level, Earnings, Hourly Rate, Average Job Rating and Reviews.

If you want the option to quickly pull up your refined search in the future, you can save the search. To save a search, click the Save this Search button from the menu on the left, name your search and click Save.

Note: You will need to have an Elance account setup and be signed into your account in order to save a search.

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