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Hiring Assistance for New Clients

Hiring Assistance is a service offered to some new Clients on their first Elance job. This complimentary service includes one-on-one phone and email consultation, guidance on writing job posts, and assistance in sorting candidates to help Clients make that first hire. Read our FAQ's below for more information on how the program works.


Q. What exactly does Elance do for Clients as part of this service?

We provide the following help for first time Clients:

  • 1:1 phone communication and email correspondence to assist with any questions they have regarding hiring a freelance professional on Elance for the first time (questions about their job posts, proposal and freelancer evaluation, job set up, payments, etc.)
  • Guidance on how to make their job posts clearer and more informative to attract and inform freelancers who are interested in submitting proposals for these jobs.
  • Assistance on the proposal evaluation page, such as moving spammy and low quality proposals to the Other Proposals tab, and if necessary inviting freelancers who are a good fit for the job.


Q. Which jobs/Clients are included in this service?

Hiring Assistance is provided to a subset of new Clients, on their first job only. The subset includes Clients with high-value jobs across all categories and some jobs with a budget of "Not Sure."


Q. Are new Clients required to use Elance’s service?

No, Clients can decline this service prior to Elance taking any action. All Clients who have participated in this service receive messages informing them of the process and of any steps taken to assist with their first hire. 


Q. What about private jobs? Is Elance sharing details of private/invite-only job posts with Freelancers not invited by the Client?

No, we will not assist Clients with inviting additional Freelancers to the job post if the job post contains proprietary or private information the Client does not wish to disclose further. Any assistance in inviting additional Freelancers to a job post are made only with the Client’s approval.


Q. Does Elance tell Clients what actions they’re taking in sorting proposals?

Yes, Hiring Assistants send reports to Clients keeping them apprised of any actions taken, including which proposals that have been moved to the Other Proposals tab and how to access those proposals quickly, with a single click.


Q. How does Elance decide which proposals to sort?

Our Hiring Assistants look for spammy, low quality or irrelevant proposals and place them under the Other Proposals tab, making things easier for the Client. While there are instances when a Client and Hiring Assistant will review a proposal page together, our Hiring Assistants are NOT allowed to recommend a specific Freelancer. Note all proposals are still accessible with a single click. Clients, not Hiring Assistants, decide who is a good fit for the job.


Q. Is Elance recommending Freelancers as part of this service?

No, Elance is not recommending Freelancers to hire. The hiring decision is entirely up to the Client, as has always been the case. The goal of our team is to help Clients gain confidence in their first hiring experience, ultimately leading to a great experience on their first job. Elance is not a party to the screening selection or contracting for these jobs. Instead, we assist with the initial sorting of proposals so that Clients can more easily navigate through their (sometimes lengthy) candidate list. Clients are informed of these initial steps and told where they can find these candidates.


Q. How is this done? Who manages this service? Is it an automated sorting or is a team reviewing freelancers/proposals?

We have well defined guidelines and a trained team of Hiring Assistants. Training includes the specific criteria and processes required to assist first-time clients. We have audits and managerial reviews in place to ensure consistency and adherence to guidelines.


Q. Does this put new Freelancers at a disadvantage?

No. New Freelancers who submit relevant, quality proposals have an even greater chance of impressing a Client when spammy proposals are removed.


Q. How do we know Elance is being fair in their review of Freelancers?

We have no reason whatsoever to be partial or unfair to our community and have audits and managerial reviews in place to ensure consistency and the proper criteria/steps are being followed.


Q. How can I make sure Elance doesn’t sort my proposal?

The same guidance and policies for being successful on Elance continue to apply. Professional, thoughtful proposals for jobs from Freelancers with relevant skills and experience will always receive a Client’s attention.


Q. Are Sponsored Proposals exempt from being sorted?

No. All proposals are evaluated and sorted according to basic quality guidelines. Some members of our community submit spammy Sponsored proposals.


Q. Are Freelancers on a paid membership plan exempt from being sorted?

No. All proposals are evaluated and sorted. Some paid members of our community submit low quality proposals.


Q. Are Freelancers informed when Elance sorts proposals as part of this service?

No. Currently Elance does not notify Freelancers if proposals are sorted. We understand why our community would like to be notified, and we are looking at whether it is possible to do this.


Q. Will Elance return Connects when Freelancer proposals are sorted?

No, Elance does not return Connects if proposals are sorted as part of this service since it helps discourage spammy and low quality proposals from being submitted again. We inform participating Clients of any actions taken, including proposals that have been sorted and how to access those proposals. We understand why our community would like to be notified if a proposal has been sorted and we are looking at whether it is possible to do this.

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