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How do I pay my Freelancer for an Hourly job?

On Hourly jobs, Elance recommends using Auto-Pay to pay your Freelancers. With Auto-Pay, your default payment method is used to pay weekly Timesheets submitted by your Freelancer. Payment is made towards the number of Authorized Hours agreed upon in the project's Terms.

Auto-Pay is enabled for all Hourly jobs and is a handy feature for longer term engagements, where both parties want the regular payment cadence of predictable cash flow for the Freelancer, and predictable expense flow for the Client.

In addition to Auto-Pay, you can also pay your Freelancer for Hourly jobs in the following ways:

Paying a Freelancer based on a Timesheet submission (without using Auto-Pay)

To pay your Freelancer for Hourly work based on reported hours on a Timesheet, please log into Elance and follow the steps below:

  1. Click My Elance at the top of the page.

  2. Mouse over Manage and click Payments.

  3. Click the Pay button to the right of your job name.

  4. Click the green Confirm button.

Note:  You may also pay your Freelancer’s Timesheet from your My Jobs page by clicking View & Pay or from within your job’s Workroom by clicking Timesheets on the left, then View & Pay.  

For Hourly jobs using Work View, Timesheets are paid automatically at the end of the Timesheet review period if not paid manually or if no Dispute has been filed.  To learn more about Work View and the Timesheet review period, go here.

Paying a Freelancer for an Hourly job without a Timesheet

If the Freelancer and the Client mutually agree not to use a Timesheet, the Client can navigate to the Payments page of the Workroom, select the specific week, enter the hours worked by the Freelancer, and make a payment.

To pay your Freelancer for Hourly work without a Timesheet, please log into Elance and follow the steps below:

  1. Click My Elance from the top left.

  2. Click the title of your project.  

  3. Click Payments from the left menu.

  4. Click the Pay button to the right of the week you would like to pay.

  5. Enter the number of hours, select your payment method and click Pay.

Paying a Freelancer a bonus or for an expense

If a Freelancer does a stellar job, you are encouraged to give bonuses. Navigate to the Payments page of the Workroom, and click the Pay Bonus/Expense button to make a bonus payment. 

Also, after giving a positive feedback (> 4.0), you will be prompted to give a bonus. This can also be used to pay other miscellaneous fees, such as out-of-pocket expenses, work not covered by the original contract or hours not tracked in a previous Timesheet. Learn more here.


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