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What are Workroom Widgets?

Elance offers several Workroom Widgets that allow for enhanced communication between Freelancers and Clients and a more organized workflow among team members. You can find these widgets in your project's Workroom or via Resources > My Apps in the top navigation bar. To learn more about Workrooms, click here.

How do I add Workroom Widgets?

You can add any Workroom Widget to your project directly from the Workroom itself or via Resources >My Apps. To add a Workroom Widget directly from your project’s Workroom, click any of the icons under Applications in the left side navigation menu.

What is Elance Video Conferencing?

The video conferencing application is a simple way to incorporate flexible, multi-way video chat into your Workroom to allow for live, group video conversations. Sharing ideas and communicating with your team face-to-face has never been easier, and it takes seconds to begin using it!

To use Video Conferencing follow these steps:

  1. Visit your project's Workroom.

  2. Click the blue Webcam icon in the left-side navigation menu.

  3. From the left, select the users you want to invite to your meeting.

Note:  All participants must have the following system requirements in order to use Elance Video Conferencing:

  • Flash Player or later

  • Firefox 3.0+, Safari 4.0+, or Internet Explorer 7+, Chrome

  • Windows XP+, OSX 10.4+

  • A webcam and microphone

  • A standard DSL line with a minimum upload and download speed of 160kb per call participant

What is join.me?

join.me combines instant screen sharing and powerful meeting tools in an app that anyone can easily use to present, train, demo or concept. join.me is designed to be intuitive and accessible, providing features that you'll use every day for everything from show-and-tell to formal presentations.

To host a meeting and share your screen with join.me, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your project's Workroom.

  2. Click the join.me icon in the left-side navigation menu.

  3. Click Share My Screen.

  4. Select the users you want to invite to the meeting and click Share My Screen.

  5. On the next page, the join.me app will automatically download. Install once the download completes.

  6. The user(s) you invited will receive an email invitation with a link to your meeting.

There are three options to join an online meeting started by another user:

  • Simply click on the link in the email invitation.

  • From within your Workroom, click the join.me icon from the Applications panel on the left. Click View Their Screen, then you can choose to enter the meeting by:

    • Entering the 9 digit code received in your email.

    • Clicking on the meeting link to the right.

What is CloudForge for Elance?

Use CloudForge to store, manage, track & collaborate on your web and software development projects. Clients link CloudForge to a project’s Workroom. Freelancers will then be able to view the link from the Workroom. Both parties must add CloudForge to his/her Elance account for collaboration.

To begin using CloudForge, follow these steps:

  1. Click  Resources > My Apps > Project Management.

  2. Click the CloudForge icon and Add Application.

  3. Once the application has been added, you can create a new CloudForge account* or link to your existing account.

  • For Clients, a list of your current Working jobs will appear. Create a new CloudForge project or link to an existing project from the project's Workroom.

  • For Freelancers, once a CloudForge project has been linked to an Elance Workroom by the Client, a CloudForge link will appear in the Workroom.

*You'll begin with a 30-day trial CloudForge account of the Team Addition when you sign up through Elance. At the end of the trial period, you will be able to select an exclusive free plan for Elance users, complete with 2 users, and 2GB of storage.

For additional information on how to use CloudForge, please visit CloudForge Support.


What is the To Do List?

The Elance To Do List improves collaboration between Workroom users. The To Do List application features a separate page for each Workroom, accessible to all Workroom users. The To Do List applications allows users to:

  • Create new tasks to be assigned to a Workroom user.

  • Track tasks created within a Workroom and view complete history of events.

  • Archive/unarchive tasks.

  • Receive automated Workroom messages and alerts for certain task-related events.

To use the To Do List application, log into your account and follow the steps below:

  1. Visit your project's Workroom.

  2. Click the clipboard icon in the left-side navigation menu.

  3. Click Create New to start adding To Do items or manage any existing items from this page.

You may also access the To Do List app from within your account by going to Resources > My Apps > Project Management.


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