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Why am I not receiving Workroom messages or able to post to the Workroom by email?

If you are not receiving email notifications from Elance, you will want to log into your account and check the following things:

1. Do you have your notification preferences set? To check, go to your Settings in the upper right corner and click on Email Notifications.  You can also click the Notifications Settings inside the Messages page of a Workroom.  Under the Workroom Messages section, you will want to make sure the first box is checked to receive a copy of all workroom messages.

2. Did the email from Elance get filtered out as spam? If so, add 'workroom.elance.com' and 'elance.com' to your safe sender or no-spam list in your email client.  If your email client only supports adding specific email addresses, please add the individual workroom's email address to ensure proper delivery of messages.  Elance.com and elanceonline.com are the two top level domains that we use to send email.   

3. Is the email address you have associated with your Elance account the same as the one you are checking? You can verify the email address Elance is sending messages to by checking your Account Info under Settings.  If you are using an email address that forwards to another account, check both email accounts for the incoming Elance notifications.

If a message is posted, and the above conditions are set, an email from the Elance application will be sent out within 2-3 minutes.  Your mail server may take longer to receive the message and process it depending upon how your mail server processes mail and the current mail traffic.

When sending an email to the Workroom, you should avoid doing the following:

  1. The Workroom Email Address has to be the only recipient in the TO: field.  The Workroom cannot be added to the CC: or BCC:.  You will not be able to send the same message to multiple workrooms at the same time. The Workroom Email Address can be found on the Messages page of the Workroom. 
  2. Adding embedded images.  You will need to attach files directly to the email.  Embedded images will be removed when you message is posted. 
  3. You can only send 10 emails per 30 minutes to a single Workroom. 
  4. If you'd like, you can also elect to receive a confirmation receipt when you send a message. You can turn on this option on the Notifications Settings page under the Workroom Messages.

General tips:

  • Elance has found web based mail servers Yahoo! and Gmail to be consistently stable if you are concerned about the reliability of your mail server.
  • Certain messages such as the notifications of new proposals are sent out only once a day so you may have to wait up to 24 hours to receive it.
  • To confirm your message was posted to the Workroom, you can also set your email notifications so you receive an immediate email copy of all workroom messages (this does not include meeting transcripts).

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