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How do I install Tracker for Linux?

Tracker requires AIR 2.6, however at this time AIR 2.6 does not support 64-bit Linux Distribution. A forced installation of Tracker will need to be done in order to complete the installation process. For more information regarding AIR 2.6 and Linux, please review the Adobe AIR help page.

The following error will display if you are running 64-bit Linux:



Complete the following steps to complete installation if you see this error:

  1. Go to http://get.adobe.com/air/ and download the linux version of AIR 2.6

  2. Manually install AIR 2.6 onto your Linux machine.

  3. Force installation of Tracker:  sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture TrackerSetup_v2.1.1.deb

Note:  For updates, it will be necessary to find where the updated file was downloaded. The file will download to .appdata/com.tracker.elance/Local Store/updates. Locate the new file and force the installation.

For more information on Tracker, go here.

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