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How does Work View™ help Freelancers manage Hourly jobs?

What is Work View™?

Work ViewTM is a safe and efficient way for Clients to pay for Hourly work online. With Work View, you can document your work as it progresses by streaming screenshots and comments into the Work View section of the Workroom. Clients can view the work in real-time and provide timely input and guidance. With Work View, Clients verify they are paying only for hours worked by the Freelancer, and you are guaranteed to get paid for the hours you work while using this feature.

Are you a Client hiring on Elance? Click here to find out how Work View can you help you better manage your Hourly jobs!


  • Simplified Billing and Payments: Streamlined online Timesheets and payments link hours billed with documented work.

  • Approved Work: Clients are confident paying for documented hours and Freelancers are guaranteed payment for hours worked.

  • Improved collaboration and trust: Freelancers and Clients can communicate and share screenshots as Hourly work is being delivered.

How do Freelancers use Work View™?

Work View jobs require the use of Tracker to stream images and comments into the Workroom. Learn more about how to install and use Tracker here.

Once awarded the job, you will have access to a Work ViewTM link when viewing the Workroom.

Prior to starting work, you should verify that the Client has Auto-Pay setup. You can do this by viewing the status in the Workroom. If the Work View status is "Not Ready" it means that your Client does not have an authenticated payment source setup for Auto-Pay.

NOTE:  If you start work prior to the Work View status changing to "Ready", the work will not be covered by Work View Payment Protection.

Access Work View™ to view or delete screenshots, add, edit or delete comments:

Sign in to your Elance account to access Work View data. From the Work View section of your Workroom, screenshots can be viewed or deleted. Screenshots can also be deleted from the thumbnail image that is shown when a new image is captured. In addition, comments can be added to any of the screenshots. If comments were made at the time the screenshot was taken, they can be edited or deleted. Once the Timesheet is submitted, screenshots can no longer be deleted.

Add comment, View Larger Image or Delete Image:

When your cursor is placed on a screenshot, the icons for Add Comment, View Larger Image and Delete Image will appear. Click on the appropriate icon to complete the action.

Add, Edit or Delete comments:

Comments can be added to any of the screenshots. There is also the ability to edit or delete comments that were added at the time the screenshot was taken. Once the Timesheet is submitted, no change can be made.

When working on a Work View™ job with Tracker, your Client has the option to reject any screenshots that are not relevant to the job. This will delete the associated time with the screenshot. If a Client rejects a screenshot you have 3 options:

  1. Do Nothing. If you agree the time should not be billed the time will automatically be removed from the Timesheet.

  2. Contact your Client through the workroom to resolve the Dispute.

  3. If you are unable to reach a resolution with your Client, file a Dispute. To do so, click the name of the job > More from the left navigation > Refund, Cancel or Dispute > File a Request.

Work View™ FAQs for Freelancers

Q: Am I required to use Work View™?

A: Work View™ is optional. Freelancers are not required to take screenshots while working. However, if a Client requests Work View™ and the Client disputes hours that are not documented with Work View™, all non-Work View™ hours will be removed from the Timesheet without question.


Q: I'm concerned about my privacy.

A: Work View™ is not for everyone. It is designed to be a tool to assure both parties that work that is billed is work that has been performed. Many established relationships will not require this level of visibility to the work. This is why Work View™ is optional. However, if you would like that would like the extra assurance that your time will be paid for, you will find this tool to be very useful. And likewise for Clients that would like more visibility to the work in progress.


Q: What will my Client have access to with Work View™?

A: Your Client will have access to the screenshots that are taken while using Tracker. In addition, they will be able to view any comments you made on the screenshot.


Q: Where can screenshots &/or comments be viewed?

A: You can view the screenshots and comments in your project's Workroom.


Q: Why are comments required as part of the Work View Payment Protection?

A: Comments act as verification of the work being performed, and also keep your Client posted on the progress of the job.


Q: How do I hide or permanently delete a screenshot?

A: If a screenshot is taken that may not be relevant to the job, the Freelancer can delete the screenshot and the time will be removed from the Timesheet. To delete an image, click My Elance > Click the job name > Work View™ > place your cursor over the image > click the trash can icon. You will be asked to confirm if you want to hide the screenshot. You can hide it by clicking Yes or permanently delete it by checking the box in front of Permanently Delete This Screenshot, then click Yes. You can also delete the image from the thumbnail that is displayed in Tracker when a new screenshot is taken.

Note: Screenshots can only be deleted prior to the Timesheet being submitted. Once the Timesheet is submitted it is not possible to delete a screenshot or modify a comment.


Q: What happens when I delete an image?

A: When you delete a screenshot, your Client will no longer have access to the image. The time can still be manually added to the Timesheet without documentation, but payment for that time is not guaranteed.


Q: I want to delete an image but my Timesheet has already been submitted.

A: Once a Timesheet is submitted, you will not be able to delete any screenshots.


Q: When I view Work View there are images that state "Computer Idle. No time recorded". What does this mean?

A: If your computer has no activity for 24 minutes, Tracker will be paused and 24 minutes will be deducted from the Timesheet. If this time should be submitted on the Timesheet, it will need to be added manually to the Other hours section. To view how to add additional time to "Other" hours, click here.


Q: Can I use Tracker comments to ask my Client a question regarding the job?

A: We don't recommend using the comments to ask questions since it's recorded with the screenshot and there isn't a way for your Client to easily reply to the comment. Instead you should use the Workroom to ask questions so your Client can reply back more efficiently.


Q: I forgot to launch Tracker so my screenshots and hours were not recorded. What should I do?

A: You should communicate to your Client via the Workroom that the screenshots for the work completed were not recorded. The time can still be manually added to the Timesheet without documentation, but payment for that time is not guaranteed.


Q: I selected the wrong job in Work View™, can my images be transferred to the correct Work Room?

A: The images cannot be transferred to another job if the wrong job was selected from Tracker .


Q: How do I report extra hours outside of what was recorded with Tracker?

A: Enter extra hours that were not recorded with Tracker by adding the time in the "Other" field on the Timesheet.


Q: I need to adjust my Timesheet because my Client is questioning an image.

A: If the Timesheet has not been submitted, you can delete an image and your Timesheet will automatically be adjusted. Each deleted screenshot will deduct 12 minutes from your Timesheet. If the Timesheet has already been submitted to the Client, you can manually adjust down the hours.


Q: I already submitted my Timesheet but I need to record additional hours. Can I still use Tracker so my time is guaranteed?

A: Once a Timesheet is submitted, Tracker can no longer be used to record time. Instead you will need to manually add the time to your Timesheet. Any additional hours are not included as part of Work View Payment Protection for Freelancers.


Q: I want to delete a screenshot &/or comment but I already submitted my Timesheet. Can I still delete?

A: Once a Timesheet is submitted screenshots &/or comments cannot be deleted.


Q: Can I use Work View™ on Fixed Price jobs or jobs where the Client is not requiring Work View™?

A: Yes, you can use Work View™ for any job; however, Work View Payment Protection for Freelancers will not apply in these instances.


Q: I used Work View™, but my Client is refusing to pay me.

A: If you used Work View™ and the job was completed as outlined in the project description, a dispute should be filed.

What is Work View™ Payment Protection for Freelancers?

When using Work View, Elance will pay a Freelancer for documented work not paid for or otherwise adjusted by Clients. Specific terms and guidelines apply. Click the links below to learn more.

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