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Tips for writing a great proposal

A well-written proposal is one of the most important factors in winning jobs on Elance. Think of your proposal as you would an interview, in which you aim to show Clients why you are the best Freelancer for the job. The following tips and best practices have been shared by Clients and Freelancers here as they've highlighted what stands out most for them and helps them succeed. For more information on how to submit a proposal on Elance, visit our Help Article here.

Tips for writing great proposals:

Carefully review the requirements

Read the job description carefully. If the Client specifically states that he/she is looking for a Freelancer with certain experience, skills, or location, be mindful of those requests. This will save you time and effort and will help you make the most of your Connects.

Customize the proposal to the Client's job description

Your proposal should directly address the Client's problems and in no way should be just a copy-and-paste proposal. It should demonstrate that you have thoroughly read the Client's job description, fully-understand the requirements and have all the necessary skills to perform the tasks mentioned in it. Address any questions or topics the Client included in the job description and ask any questions you have to help finalize details and set the project up for success. Don't send spam Proposals!

Highlight your experience and skills

Don't depend solely on the Client reviewing your profile. In your proposal highlight the relevant experience and skills you have to successfully complete the Client's project. If you have examples of work you have completed previously that are especially relevant to this job, attach them to your proposal or include hyperlinks. Just be sure you aren't creating any new, custom work before winning the job and that any examples you provide or link to are your own and do not include any of your contact information.

Be succinct

Your proposal should be concise while including all information that's relevant to the Client's job. Proposals that are too long and contain a lot of irrelevant information, as well as those that are too brief and don't fully address the Client's problem are unacceptable.

Use correct grammar and a professional tone

A great proposal has to be well written and free of typos (use a spell-checker). Proposals written in poor English make you and Elance look unprofessional, and the proposal is less likely to be accepted.

Review your proposal

Check for mistakes, inconsistencies, and relevance. Make sure the proposal is engaging, relevant, and communicates a level of enthusiasm on your part. Always re-read your proposal as if you were the Client.

Follow the rules

Including contact information in your proposal is against Elance policy. You may share contact information with a Client only after they have responded to your proposal. Follow this and other important policies when submitting your proposals so that you avoid any potential impact to your Elance account. Learn more about policies for submitting proposals here.

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