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What are My Stats?

My Stats is a collection of important data highlighting your performance and ranking on Elance. As a Freelancer, you can find your My Stats page by clicking the Find Work tab. Your My Stats page will show your Elance Level, Points and Ranking.  Freelancers earn points based on their activity, Client satisfaction and achievements on Elance. Points from My Stats are used to determine a Freelancer's Level on Elance and position in default search results. Learn more about Levels here. My Stats are updated on a weekly basis. My Stats includes recent job data. However, job activity within the past 5 business days will not be reflected until the following week’s My Stats Update.

The point system rewards Freelancers who market their services effectively, deliver great work, maintain high levels of Client satisfaction and develop lasting Client relationships on Elance. Detailed information around the specific activities affecting a Freelancer's points are visible to Freelancers with Premium Memberships in the My Stats page. Upgrade your Membership now for visibility into this important information.

The point system is Category-specific and based on key performance indicators:

  • Service Delivery

  • Client Relationships

  • Marketing

Service Delivery Stats

You earn service delivery points when you use the Elance Online Work System, complete jobs successfully, receive feedback and get paid through Elance.

Service Delivery Metrics



  Earnings and Earnings Growth (6 months)


  Final feedback received (6 months)

  Hours Worked

  Hours worked and paid (6 months)

  Milestones Submitted

  Milestones submitted and paid (6 months)

  Earnings Percentage

  Earnings achieved according to budget (6 months)

  Cancellations (penalty)*

  Job cancellations due to poor performance (6 months)

  Violations (penalty)*

  Policy violations (6 months)

 To earn Service Delivery points:

  • Use the Elance Online Work System - Workrooms and Status Reports provide visibility and serve as an important reference for job progression.

  • Send a "Complete" Status Report when a job is finished, this prompts your Clients leave feedback.

  • Get paid through Elance - earnings growth shows your ability to deliver (and allow us to collect our service fee). Send invoices to your Clients through the Elance platform.

  • Avoid job cancellations - carefully consider the jobs you are pursuing to make sure you can meet or exceed Client expectations.

  • Avoid policy violations.

Client Relationships Stats

As a Freelancer, you earn points by building strong Client relationships, which are a measure of the quality of services delivered.

Client Relationship Metrics


  Client Recommendations

  Percentage of Clients who recommend you (12 months)

  Earnings per Client

  Average earnings per Client (12 months)

  Paying Clients

  Paying Clients (12 months)

  Repeat Clients

  Number of repeat Clients (12 months)

To earn Client Relationship points:

  • Meet or exceed expectations by delivering quality work on time and on budget, and by providing excellent customer service - Clients that are satisfied with their experience will indicate their willingness to recommend you to others when they submit their final feedback.

  • Develop strong relationships with your Clients - repeat and long-term Clients are good for you and for everyone on Elance. Keeping your Clients on Elance improves your earnings per Client. Learn More.

  • Develop new Client relationships - build a portfolio of active Clients on Elance.  

Marketing Stats

When you market yourself effectively as a Freelancer, it helps bring high quality work to Elance. Effective marketing includes creating a strong profile, submitting quality proposals for jobs relevant to your specific expertise, pricing your services within budget ranges and ensuring that the work is awarded on Elance.

Marketing Metrics



  Value of accepted jobs with at least one payment  (6 months)

  Job Accept Rate*

  Percentage of jobs accepted out of all proposals submitted (6 months)

  Invite Response Rate*

  Number of invites responded to (30 days)

  Tested Skills

  Number of tested skills in the Profile (across all categories)

  Verified Credentials

  Number of verified credentials in the Profile (across all categories)

  Proposals Below Budget (penalty)*

  Number of proposals priced below budget (6 months)

To earn Marketing points:

  • Submit high quality proposals - proposals that reflect a clear understanding of the requirements and set realistic expectations. Learn More.

  • Set your price within the budget range indicated by the Client - proposals below budget are penalized by the system.  Proposals without an amount are not considered as proposals below budget.  

  • Create a strong profile - add tested skills when available and verify your credentials. Learn More.

  • Respond promptly to invites from prospective Clients and keep your Invite Response Rate above 50%. Either an “Accept” or a “Decline” is counted as a response.

 * These metrics are not applicable to team members of Small and Large Business accounts.  

Frequently Asked Questions About My Stats

When are Stats updated?

My Stats includes recent job data. However, job activity within the past 5 business days may not be reflected until the following week’s My Stats Update.

Why do I lose points for bidding below budget?  It may be necessary from time to time.

The system is designed to encourage proposals within budget and differentiation based on quality. In general low-ball bidding leads to price erosion.

Why not disclose the points algorithm?

While the key drivers of points are transparent, the exact algorithm is not disclosed in order to prevent manipulation of the system.

Why are you tracking job cancellations?  Many jobs cancel for legitimate reasons.

Points are reduced only for job cancellations due to poor performance from the Freelancer. Other cancellations will have no impact on points.

Why do my earnings per Client matter?

Earnings per Client are a measure of the strength of the relationship and of the value exchanged between the Client and Freelancer over time on Elance. Freelancers with high earnings per Client are able to build solid relationships and typically deliver higher levels of Client satisfaction.  By keeping Clients on Elance these Freelancers also benefit the rest of the community.

Why give points for Tested Skills and Verified Credentials?

We have seen statistically that profiles with tested skills and verified credentials win more business on Elance. It is beneficial to promote these profiles since they do a better job converting prospective Clients into long-term Elance clients.

What is the Recommend Score?

When Clients leave feedback, they are asked whether they would recommend the Freelancer to a friend or a colleague. This score is computed by summing highly positive recommends and subtracting negative ratings. Click here to learn more.

Will my Team Members be able to see their earnings on their My Stats page?

By default, the earnings will not be displayed.  If you chose to display their earnings, you can adjust the privacy settings on the account by going to Settings >> Privacy Settings.    

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