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What are Levels and Recommend Scores?

On a Freelancer's public Profile, several key performance metrics are shown so that Clients can quickly gauge a Freelancer's reputation on Elance and how they rank among their peers. Two important examples of this are Level Scores and Recommend Scores. Both Level Scores and Recommend Scores are visible on a Freelancer's Profile page in the Snapshot area on the right side of the page. Click the links below to learn more about how Levels and Recommend Scores are computed for Freelancers.


What is my Level and how is it calculated?

Elance Levels represent achievements and activity as a Freelancer on Elance. Higher levels indicate greater activity, earnings and customer satisfaction. All Freelancers start at Level 1 and move up to higher Levels as they gain experience and deliver positive outcomes on their jobs.

Freelancers can view their performance in their My Stats dashboard by clicking Find Work > My Stats (available to Premium Membership subscribers). My Stats helps Freelancers manage their activity in three main Categories: Client Relationship, Service Delivery, and Marketing.

For more information on My Stats click here.

Why are Levels important?

Levels determine default search rankings and are shown on Freelancer Profiles, proposals and in search results.  A higher Level Freelancer is more likely to appear higher in search results. Levels also determine the number of Additional Connects a Freelancer can purchase as part of their Premium Membership plan.

Why does a Freelancer's Level show “Not Available”?

Navigating to an Elance Profile directly from a URL, will by default present an All Services view. The All Services view includes data from all Categories a Freelancer has worked in. Since Levels are calculated on a per Category basis, no Level will display if a specific Category is not selected. To view the Level for a particular Category, simply select a Category from the pull-down menu above the overview section on the Freelancer's Profile.  

Note: On the Profile Snapshot, there will be no Level visible.  On the Job History page, where Level is displayed for a particular Category, "Level not available" will show on the All Services view, along with a tooltip indicating that a Category must be selected to view Level.

What is my Recommend Score?

Recommend Score captures past Client's likelihood to recommend this Freelancer. When leaving job Feedback for a Freelancer, Clients will also leave a Recommendation rating, using a scale of 0 through 10 privately to ensure full honesty. The Recommend Score is computed by summing highly positive Recommends and subtracting negative ratings. The higher the Recommend Score, the better.

Freelancers are encouraged to have frequent communication with Clients to ensure the project requirements are met and on time. This will increase the likelihood of a highly positive Recommendation and Feedback ratings.

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