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What is ID Verification?

As part of our ongoing efforts to make Elance the world’s safest and most trusted workplace, we offer a free identity verification (“ID verification”) service through Aristotle, an industry-leading identity verification service and trusted Elance partner.

Who Can Verify their Identity?

Freelancers with free and paid Individual Memberships and Team Members on Small and Large Company accounts have the option to verify their identity. Account owners of Small or Large Company accounts and Company Basic Members will not have the option to verify their identity. 

Team Members on Small Company and Large Company accounts can take advantage of ID Verification today.  Team Members should follow the same ID Verification process that has been outlined for individual Members below.  If you have a paid Company account and you are the sole Team Member, you can create a new Team role for yourself and follow this process as well.

For more information on upgrading or changing your Freelancer Membership, please click here

What Do I Need to Verify my Identity?

You will need the following to complete the ID verification process:

  • Thumbnail photo of you on your profile

  • Government issued ID

  • Skype account (most current version)

  • Webcam and microphone for the verification interview

Note: You will lose your ID verification status if you change your thumbnail photo or account details in the future.

How Do I Verify My Identity?

To verify for your identity, please log into your account and follow these steps:

  1. Go to Find Work in the top navigation bar and then choose Freelancer Profile from the drop-down options.

  2. Click on Get Verified next to your display name on your profile.

  3. Review your account information.  If the information is correct, you can accept the Terms and Conditions and click Continue.

  4. You will be redirected to Aristotle’s ID verification page and will be prompted to provide additional information, including a scanned copy of your government ID and selecting a time for a short Skype video interview.

  5. Once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation page with your interview time. Elance recommends that you print this page for your records.

  6. Prior to your interview, you will want add integrity.aristotle to your Skype contacts.

  7. For the interview, you will want to log into Skype during your allotted interview time and be ready to accept an incoming video call.  Please, have the government ID you originally submitted to Aristotle available.

Once your interview has been completed successfully, your profile will automatically be updated to reflect that your identification has been verified.  The verified seal will appear on your profile and proposals going forward.      

Note: You will lose your ID verification status if you change your thumbnail photo or account details in the future.

What Happens If My Verification Fails?

If your verification fails, you will receive an email explaining why your verification attempt failed.  

What Happens if I Miss My Interview Time?

If you have missed your interview time then a verification specialist will send you a reschedule email which will have a link from where you can schedule another time slot using your existing information.

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