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What are the Proposal minimums?

 When a job is posted on Elance, the job can be listed as either as a Fixed Price job or Hourly. In your proposals, bids below a certain amount are not allowed. See below for the minimum amounts allowed on Elance. Proposals under the stated range are considered a proposal under budget. 

Minimums for Fixed Price Jobs

When posting a Fixed Price job*, Clients will indicate their budget range as they post the job. You can then submit proposals within acceptable ranges, and you must adhere to a minimum amount depending on the range selected by the Client. Below are the minimum acceptable amounts for each budget range.  

Job Posting Budget Proposal Minimum
Less than $500 $20
$500-$1,000 $350
$1,000-$5000 $700
$5,000-$10,000 $3,500
$10,000-more $7,000

Minimums for Hourly Jobs

For Hourly jobs, proposals can be submitted at 70% of posted Hourly range. Proposals under $3 an hour are not allowed.

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