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How do I find jobs?

On Elance, we make it easy for you to find the best jobs available for your skills and experience. You can use Search or Browse to find open jobs, and you can also receive Job Invitations and view Job Recommendations that Elance sends your way. You'll find more explanation of these options below.

As a reminder, you can only submit proposals to jobs in your Category, unless of course you've been specifically invited by a Client to bid on a job post. For example, if you have subscribed to the Writing & Translation Category, you cannot submit proposals for the IT & Programming jobs without adding categories to your membership plan.

Do you want to submit proposals for more than one job Category? Click here to learn how you can upgrade your membership for further opportunities.

Have you already found open jobs and are ready to submit a proposal? Click here to learn more about submitting proposals for open jobs.

How can I Search and Browse open jobs?

To begin a new job search, mouseover Find Work in the top navigation bar, then click Search Jobs from the drop-down menu. From here you can refine your search by using keywords and subsequently selecting from the filter options on the left-hand side.

You can also Browse search results by hovering over  Find Work and clicking Browse from the menu options. This will let you navigate open jobs, pre-filtered by Job Category or Skills. From here you can refine your search by using keywords and subsequently selecting from the filter options on the left-hand side.

Your job search can be narrowed down using a variety of criteria and filters:

  • Category

  • Job Type - Fixed Price or Hourly

  • Time Left

  • Posted Date

  • Budget or Hourly Range

  • Featured

  • Location - will deliver results based on the Client's "Preferred Candidate Location" as specified in their job post. If the Client has not selected a preference in their job post, results will be based on the location of the Client as specified in their Elance account settings.

  • Payment Verified

  • Status - Any or Hiring Open

  • Keyword(s) listed in job description

What are Job Invitations?

In addition to searching for available jobs,you may also be invited by Clients to submit proposals on open job post. Invitations are sent to you directly by email and will appear in your My Elance page on the Opportunities page. To view the details of the job post, simply click on the job title to learn more and submit a proposal.

No Connects are required to submit a proposal for an invited job.

You can, of course, decline the invitation to submit a proposal and will need to provide a reason for your decision.

You can control your notification settings to select which Job Invitations are sent your way. After signing in, click your username > Settings > Communication  Settings > Notification Settings to make these adjustments.

What are Recommended Jobs?

Elance will also keep you updated with open jobs that fit your skills and experience based on your profile, skills, job preferences and keywords. You’ll find these job recommendations on the Opportunities page of your Elance account. You can choose to have these Recommended Jobs sent to you directly via email via the Notifications area of your account,.

Can I save my job search?

To save your job search results, perform a job search with one or multiple keywords. Then, click Save this Search on the top left of the page.

From here you can name the search. You can also set an email alert to receive notifications about jobs that are posted with these specific keywords or you can set this as your default search.

Saved Searches will then appear in the following locations:

  • Via a dropdown list the next time you sign into your account.

  • Via the "Open Jobs" area in My Elance*.

To edit or delete any of your Saved Searches, select the search and click Edit or Delete.

*Please note that any new saved searches will be displayed after about a minute on the Open Jobs list in your My Elance.

How do I use RSS to monitor open jobs?

You can use the Elance RSS feature to receive daily feeds on jobs based on your specified keywords.

To receive an RSS feed, follow the steps below:

  1. Mouse over Find Work in the top navigation bar.

  2. Click Search Jobs.

  3. Enter in your desired keywords in the Search bar, then click Search.

  4. On the search results page, click the RSS icon located at the top of the page. From here, you can choose the portal where you would like your notifications sent.

You can edit your RSS feeds directly from your RSS reader/portal.

How do I monitor jobs through my Watch List?

The Watch List allows you to monitor interesting jobs or Clients before submitting a proposal. Read more about adding jobs or Clients to your Watch List here.

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