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What is the Escrow Fee?

The Elance Escrow Fee is a charge applied to any balance held in your Elance account over consecutive 60 days. This fee is assessed as a monthly charge of $5 on that positive balance. You can view your Elance account balance at any time by signing into Elance and visiting the Manage/Transactions page.

You can avoid this fee by withdrawing your account balance or becoming a Premium Member.

See below for other frequently asked questions regarding the Escrow Fee.

How can I tell if I'm going to be charged this fee?

You will receive an email to your registered email address on file from Elance 14 days before your account is charged. If  you do not withdraw your account balance to $0 in the following 14 days, a $5 fee will be assessed and every 30 days after until you withdraw your balance.

Will all users get charged this fee?

Yes, this fee applies for both client and freelancer accounts. However, users who meet any of the following criteria are exempt from this fee:

  • if you withdraw your Elance Account Balance to $0.
  • if you maintain a paid freelancer membership.
  • if you are a Private Talent Cloud Client and are current in your other obligations to Elance.

Where do I see this charge?

If you are charged the fee, it will show up in your Transactions History page (Manage/Transactions/Transaction History).

How do I avoid this charge?

You can avoid this fee by taking one of the following actions: 

NOTE:  The Escrow Fee does not apply if you are a Private Talent Cloud Client and are current in your other obligations to Elance.

What if I don't have a balance in my Elance account? Will I be charged this fee?

No, you will not be charged the Escrow fee if your account balance is $0. Elance encourages you to withdraw your account balance to avoid this fee.

Will this fee be charged if there is an escrow balance on a project milestone?

No, this fee is only charged in cases where there is a balance in a user’s Elance account (Manage/Transactions) and does not affect milestones and escrow balances on these milestones.

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