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Client profile privacy

Clients have the option of making some of their information on Elance private.

When selecting this option,  the following will ensue:

  • The Client’s username will be marked as private on the Freelancer's job history.

  • The Freelancer username, the titles and the details of closed jobs will now be marked as private on the Client profile. However, other data such as job date, job status and Feedback given and received will continue to be displayed.

  • The Client's spending amount will be displayed in ranges on the Client profile.  For example, instead of the exact spending amount, the Client’s total spending amount will appear as one of the following: $0, $1-$500, $500-$5000, or $5000+.

Clients also have the option of not having their profile indexed by search engines (i.e., Google).

Note: If a profile has already been indexed, it may take up to 4 weeks for it to be removed by Google and other search engines.

For Clients to adjust their privacy settings, log into your account and follow these steps:

  1. Click on your username at the top right hand corner of Elance and then click the Settings link.

  2. Click Privacy.

  3. From the Privacy Settings page, you will have ability to adjust your privacy options.

How do Clients profiles appear on Elance?

Client usernames do not appear in their entirety on job search results (Find Work/Search Jobs) or when viewing Job Details pages (clicking onto a specific job from search results). Client profile information such as a Client’s past job history, award rate, payment history (including whether or not they have had their payment method verified on Elance) and Feedback comments are available on a Client's profile page. Freelancer's find this profile information valuable to how they evaluate job posts and Clients.

However, there are exceptions to username privacy. A Client's complete username will appear to a Freelancer when:

  1. A job has been awarded to a Freelancer. The Client’s complete username will appear to the hired Freelancer.

  2. The Client has invited a Freelancer to bid on a job posting. The Client's complete username will appear to the invited Freelancer.

  3. The Freelancer reviews other job posts from a Client they have worked with in the past. The Client's complete username will appear on the job details page.

Note: if Freelancers have previously submitted a proposal to a Client but have not been awarded a job from this Client, the Client's complete username will not appear. However, Freelancers will have the option of reviewing a list of past jobs for which they've submitted a proposal with this Client.

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