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Freelancer Policies for Receiving Job Feedback

Leaving feedback is an important part of working on Elance as it provides a fair mechanism for all Clients and Freelancers.  Freelancers build a reputation of Client satisfaction and Clients build a history of consistent hiring and payment. These serve as references for both parties when evaluating whom to work with in the future.

When can freelancers leave public feedback for a client?

Freelancers have the option to leave public feedback on their jobs describing their working experience with a Client on a specific job.  This feedback is limited to:

  • Only once per job – future revisions are not allowed
  • Only on jobs where payments are made 
  • Only during the period of time between the first payment date and 60 days after the job is marked “complete”
  • Once public feedback has been recorded on a job, Elance will not remove or reset that feedback, except in extreme circumstances (ex: feedback being left on the wrong job).  This policy is intended to protect the integrity of the feedback system and prevent coercion by either party.   

Can Freelancers manipulate feedback?

Maintaining the integrity of the feedback process is critical for ensuring a well-functioning marketplace.  The quality of the services delivered should be the determining factor in the feedback provided.  Elance does not allow manipulation of the feedback system through means such as:

  • Receiving fake feedback to artificially raise feedback scores (ex: getting hired by a friend on a fake job in order to boost ratings)
  • Providing free / discounted services in order to procure artificial feedback scores
  • Coercing another member for desirable feedback by threatening to withhold services or work product
  • Including feedback in negotiation of job terms or milestones

Can a Freelancer or a Client leave Feedback on a job in dispute?

The ability to leave feedback works the same across all jobs, regardless of whether a dispute has been raised or the job has entered Arbitration.  Once a payment is made, the ability to leave feedback is activated and remains active for 60 days from the date the job is marked as ‘Complete.'   

 Disputes cannot be filed regarding feedback publication or removal.
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