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Why is my account suspended?

Accounts on Elance may be temporarily suspended if there has been a policy violation or if Elance has been unable to get in contact with the registered owner of the account.  Other reasons for temporary suspension are below:

Freelancer Suspension

If you are a Freelancer and you have not accepted or declined a job award(s) in your Finalizing Terms list after 7 days, your account will be temporarily suspended and you will be unable to submit proposals for jobs.  All other features of Elance (communications, payments, status reports, etc) remain available. To locate any jobs you have been awarded and have yet to accept or decline, login to your account and follow the instructions below:

  1. Click My Elance from the top left
  2. Under the job name, click the Review Terms button
  3. To accept or decline, select the appropriate radio button and click Submit

Client Suspension

If you are a Client, you must award at least 1 out of 20 jobs (5%) you post on Elance. If you fail to maintain this award ratio, you will be prevented from posting new jobs.  All other features of Elance (communications, payments, status reports, etc) remain available. 

If none of these situations apply to you, please click the Contact Support button at the top of this page to reach Customer Support. 

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