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Reporting Violations

Elance employs software tools and a Performance / Policy team to ensure that Members are complying with the Elance Code of Conduct.  We also rely on active and vigilant Members to help keep the Elance marketplace safe and clean.  We offer different mechanisms so that Members can do their part by reporting violations to help us keep Elance the type of marketplace where they would like to work.

How do I report Elance Code of Conduct violations?

Elance offers quick and easy ways for Members to report Code of Conduct violations.  Member reports are treated as confidential, except where violations occur as part of a specific Client-Freelancer interaction (ex:  using profanity in a Workroom).

  • To report a possible job posting violation, use the Report Violation link at the bottom left of the detailed job description

  • To report a possible member profile violation, use the Report Violation link at the bottom of the detailed member profile.  This link is available on both Client and Freelancer profiles.      

  • To report any other types of violations, please submit a ticket.

Will the person I report know I reported them?

Elance values our users' security and privacy. When addressing policy concerns with Freelancers and Clients, we will never share disclose information about the reporter.

Will Elance update me on the results of my report?

In order to respect the privacy of all users, we will not discuss any aspects of another user's account. As such, we will not update reporters on the result of investigations or the status of another user's account after a violation report has been submitted.

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