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Elance Enforcement

Elance will research and apply penalties to members who violate the Elance Code of Conduct.  During this process, Elance will consider the nature of the violation, the history of prior violations, and the member’s history on Elance. 


What are the penalties for violating the Elance Code of Conduct?

There are multiple options Elance will consider and apply based upon our review of the violation.  Elance does not take these penalties lightly since we know that we will be impacting members’ ability to build their business on the Elance platform.  However, it’s important to maintain safety and trust on the Elance system.

  • For job posting violations, the post will be removed from the site. Repeated policy violations will result in the termination of the account. 
  • For other violations, the penalty can range from a multiple-day suspension to termination of the account. 
  • Freelancers who are found to violate the Elance Code of Conduct may also receive a penalty in their Level statistic, impacting their ability to procure future jobs on Elance. 
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