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How do I post a private job?

If you would like to have a job that is only visible to invited Freelancers, your post will need to be set up as a private job, which will not be posted publicly in the job search results.

Marking a job as private can only be done during the posting process, under Location, Privacy and Other Options.  From here select the option, Private—Do not show on Elance jobs list. Only freelancers I invite can respond.’  Once the job is posted, you will be presented with your Recommended Freelancers page. From here, you can invite Recommended Freelancers individually, all at once or search for your own candidates from the Freelancer Search Page.

To search for and invite Freelancers to your post, log into your account and follow the instructions below::

  1. Go to Hire  > Search Freelancers.

  2. Select your criteria from the left column and perform a search.

  3. When you roll over a Freelancer’s name a green Hire Me button will appear on the right.

  4. Click Hire Me and then select the name of the job to invite them to or create a new one.  

Note:  You can also invite Freelancers directly from their profile page by clicking the green Hire Me button to the top right.

Note:  Each post is limited to 30 invites. For additional invites, you can Feature your job.

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