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How do I post a job?

How do I post a job?

To post a job, you must first create an account on Elance. Once you've verified your email address, you can post your job by following the steps below.  

If signed out, click the Sign In button on the homepage, sign into your account and click Post Your Job. If signed into your Elance account, click the green Post Your Job button to get started.  Jobs are not published immediately and may go through a short moderation process.

On the job post form fill out the following information:

  1. The name of the job.

  2. A detailed job description -  For your job description be as detailed as possible, including specific information about the work needed, the size of the job, estimated start and completion dates and some background on your company.  You also have access to a number of job description templates by using our Description Assistant.  If you select a template and you no longer want to use it, you can remove the template to revert back to your original text and selections by choosing the Undo button.

  3. You may attach up to 10 files (maximum size 100 MB per attachment) that help clarify the job requirements and enable Freelancers to prepare more thorough, relevant Proposals.

  4. Select the Category and subcategory that best describe your job and the skill set you would like your Freelancer to have.  

  5. Select a Fixed Price or Hourly Job.  Fixed Price Jobs are best when you have well-defined scope and structure for the work.  If the job scope is less certain and you would like to work with your Freelancer on a more flexible basis, then choose the hourly option.  Hourly jobs are Work View enabled.  Work View is a safe and efficient way to pay for hourly work online.  For Hourly jobs, you will be asked be asked to indicate the number of hours per week as well as the duration of the job.

Note:  Your work arrangement can not be changed after your job is posted. However, once your job is awarded, you will be able to change from Fixed Price to Hourly or vice versa.

  1. Pick your budget.  You will able to choose from predefined budget ranges or create your own custom budget range.

Note:  Budget cannot be changed after your job is posted.

  1. Near the bottom of the Job Post page click the Show button to see Location, Privacy and Other Options for your job posting.  Here you can set additional job preferences, such as the posting duration, start date and visibility. When you are finished, click Continue.

  2. Next you will be able to select your posting type. Elance offers 3 types of job postings:

  • Featured Job Postings - With a Featured Job Posting your job will be highlighted to stand out from the crowd and attract more candidates.  There is a $25 cost to feature your post.

  • Verified Job Postings - Verified job postings will have a Payment Verification seal on your job post. This indicates to Freelancers that you are serious about starting work, as you have linked a payment method to your account. This is a one time $5 fee and the Payment Verification seal will be included on any future jobs.

  • Basic Job Postings - Basic jobs will post your project without any of the features of a Verified or Featured posting.

If you chose either the Featured or Verified option, you will be prompted to pay the fee. Proceed to enter in your payment details on the next page and finalize the job post.

Note:  You will be required to verify your email address in order to have your job posting published.  You will receive an email with a verification link from Elance.com shortly after clicking Post This Job. Once you click the link within the email, your job posting will be published on the Elance.com website.  

Note:  Jobs are not published immediately and may go through a short moderation process.

How do I choose the correct Category for my job?

Choosing the right category for your job will help you reach the most qualified candidates. It also ensures that you receive proposals from candidates that have the expertise and skill set that you require for your job.


  1. If you’re looking to hire a web developer to assist in maintaining or creating a website for your legal firm, choose the IT & Programming Category instead of the Legal category. The IT & Programming Category is where you’ll find expert developers that can help with your website, while the Legal Category is where you’ll find legal experts, like an attorney to write a legal agreement for your business.

  2. If you are looking for someone to create an iPad game, that would be best listed under the IT & Programming Category instead of Design & Multimedia, since most of the skills you are looking for to create an iPad application would be programming skills.

  3. If you need a designer to create an animation file, logo, or other art assets that would be utilized in an iPad application, you’ll want to post your job in the Design & Multimedia Category since you’re looking for someone with design skills.

If you feel that the job was posted in the wrong category, click on the Contact Support link above to contact Customer Support.  We will be happy to assist in changing the category.

Which Work Type is best for my job? Fixed Price or Hourly?

When you post a job on Elance, you can specify whether you want to work with your Freelancer on a Fixed Price or Hourly basis.

Fixed Price jobs are best when you have well-defined scope and structure for the work. You and your Freelancer will agree upon a Fixed Price at the start of the job based on the requirements and scope of what needs to get done.  It's a good idea to set up specific milestones so that you and your Freelancer have appropriate checkpoints.  As the job progresses, you and your Freelancer can update the milestones and scope at any time.

If the job scope is less certain and you would like to work with your Freelancer on a more flexible basis, then choose the Hourly option. You and the Freelancer will agree upon an hourly rate, and the Freelancer bill you on a weekly basis for the hours worked the prior week.  You can also specify authorized hours for the subsequent weeks.

Whether you choose a Fixed Price or Hourly option, be sure to define and document your requirements clearly and establish frequent checkpoints to ensure success.

To read more about Payment Protection for both types of jobs, click here.

How do I invite Freelancers to bid on my job?


To search for and invite Freelancers to your post, log into your account and follow the instructions below::


  1. Go to Hire  > Search Freelancers.

  2. Select your criteria from the left column and perform a search.

  3. When you roll over a Freelancer’s name a green Hire Me button will appear on the right.

  4. Click Hire Me and then select the name of the job to invite them to or create a new one.  


Note:  You can also invite Freelancers directly from their profile page by clicking the green Hire Me button to the top right.


Note:  Each post is limited to 30 invites. For additional invites, you can Feature your job.

How do I edit my job post?

Once your job is posted, you can address Freelancer questions or clarify your job by communicating directly with Freelancers via the Workroom or by editing the Job Post.

To edit your Job Post, log into Elance and follow these steps:

  1. Visit My Elance and locate the appropriate job in My Jobs.

  2. Click on the job name or from the Actions drop-down, select Edit Job Details or Edit Job Settings.

  3. From here you can select which areas of your Job Post to edit.  After saving your changes, the Freelancers will be notified so that they can adjust their proposals if necessary.

Note:   Budget, Privacy and Work Arrangement (Fixed Price or Hourly) cannot be edited after a job post has been published.

How do I extend the bidding period on a job I posted?

Once your job is posted, you have the option of extending the bidding period. You can only extend the bidding two times, up to 6 months from the date of the original posting.

To extend the bidding, log in to Elance and follow the steps below:

  1. Visit My Elance and locate the job on the My Jobs page.

  2. Click on the job name and select Extend Bidding from under the job's Actions menu OR from the Actions drop-down on your My Elance page select Extend Job.

  3. Enter the date you would like to extend the bidding period to, enter Reason for Extending and click Submit.

Is my job post visible outside of Elance?

All jobs posted on the Elance site are posted with a public URL and accessible to search engine crawlers such as Google, making your job searchable outside of Elance.

If you would like for your job to only be searchable within the Elance site, during the job posting process, click Location, Privacy and Other Options at the bottom of the job posting page. Then uncheck the box, Get more proposals. Allow search engines like Google to view this post. This will prevent search engines from crawling the job post.

Note:  Once your job is published publicly, it cannot be changed to private. However, you may change a private job posting to public while the job is still open for hiring (it cannot be changed to public after hiring). 

Featured Posts are job posts that receive enhanced prominence on the site and attract the highest quality proposals. You can set up your job from the beginning as a Featured Post or Relist an existing Job Post as Featured.

Featured posts:

  • Are highlighted at the top of job search results.

  • Receive more proposals - Featured Jobs on average receive 30% more proposals than non-featured jobs.

  • Attract the highest quality candidates - Featured Jobs signal that you mean business.

  • Receive tailored proposals - candidates invest more to respond to Featured Jobs.

  • Get proposals faster - the Featured sort option makes your job stand out in the marketplace.

  • Allow you to invite as many Freelancers as you'd like.

  • Let you Relist the job after you post. It will be placed again at the top of job search. (Limit of two relistings per job).

  • Let you hang onto any proposals you've already received (if a job post is Relisted as Featured).

There is a $25 cost to feature your post.

Can I save my job post before I publish it?

If you are not ready to post your job description on Elance, you can save it as a draft.  Some Clients do this to review their budget or time-frame, or to make sure they have a detailed description prior to posting a job.

When you are ready to review/edit/post your job, log into your account follow the steps below:

  1. Click My Elance in the top left navigation bar.

  2. Click on All on the Job Status bar and then select Drafts from the drop-down.

  3. Click on the job name which will then take you to the Job Posting page, where you can edit any text or details.

  4. Click on the Continue button at the bottom of the page to preview your job.

  5. Choose whether or not to Feature your Job Post.

  6. Click the Post This Job button to publish the job on Elance. Candidates will now start sending you their proposals.

What are some job posting tips?

A well-written and thoughtfully crafted job description is a great way to attract the best candidates with the right skills and expertise for your job. Here are some specific tips:

Write a good job description

Describing your job in a clear and concise manner is a great way to increase the number and quality of proposals you receive.  It helps Freelancers craft targeted proposals with accurate pricing. Some things to include may be your goals for the job, detailed scope requirements and time frame expectations.  Using examples as references is a great way to make your ideas more concrete.

Determine your approximate budget

When posting a job on Elance, the budget you set in the beginning does not lock you into a price range.  Freelancers can propose higher or lower amounts based on what they estimate the job will cost to complete and how much they want to win your business. Communicating an estimated range helps Freelancers target their proposals to your needs. If your budget range is unrealistic for the amount of work to be done, Freelancers may not think it is a serious job, and the likely result will be fewer and lower-quality proposals.

Choose the category that best matches the skills you need

Choosing the right category (Design & Multimedia, IT & Programming, etc.) is important as it defines the group of professionals that will be able to submit proposals for your job.  Elance Categories represent the skills needed rather than the industry or business type.  For example, if you are a lawyer and you need a website, you should post your job in the IT & Programming Category and not the Legal Category.  Choosing a relevant subcategory helps Freelancers search for your job, but does not limit which Freelancers can submit a proposal within that Category.

Select the appropriate skills

When posting your job, you have the option to select the top 5 skills you are looking for in the Freelancer you hire.  The skills selected will be used to tag your job so Freelancers easily find it by searching job postings.

Choose the right posting type - Featured or Basic

Featured Posts get extra attention that help them stand out to high-quality Freelancers. Featuring your job post is a great way to attract high quality proposals from the most experienced Freelancers on Elance.  Additionally with a featured post, you can invite as many Freelancers to the job post as you like and can Relist your job as Featured up to two times.

Expect multiple responses within days

You should start to get multiple proposals from qualified Freelancers within the first few days.  Every situation is different, but the quality of the proposals is more important than the number of proposals received.  Check out our tips on choosing the right Freelancer, and if you don't feel like you are getting the right quality proposals for your job, we highly encourage you to give us a call or send an email to give us the opportunity to help you out.

For details on project posting guidelines, please refer to our Terms of Service.

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