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How do I bring my own Freelancers to Elance?

If you would like to invite your Freelancer to join Elance without posting a job, you have the ability to use our Bring Your Own Freelancer option. To invite your Freelancer, log into your account and follow these steps below or click here:

  1. Mouse over Hire in the top navigation bar and then click Bring Your Freelancer.
  2. Complete the invite form and job post, including a personal message if you like.
  3. Click Send Invite.
  4. Once your Freelancer accepts the invitation, a Workroom will automatically be created for you and your Freelancer to begin your job.

Note: If you choose Elance Payroll Services, you will be contacted by an Elance Payroll Services agent to assist you.  For more information about Elance Payroll Services, please click here.

If you would like to invite Freelancers that are not registered to submit a proposal on your job, follow these steps:

  1. Create a job post.
  2. Select Skip when prompted with Recommended Freelancers. You'll be taken directly to your job's detail page.
  3. Mouse over Job Actions and click Invite Freelancers.
  4. Click the Other Invite Options tab and select the Freelancers off Elance radio button.
  5. Enter your Freelancer's email address, along with a personal message, and click Continue.

Your Freelancer will receive the email with a link to register. Once registered, your Freelancer will be able to submit a proposal on your job.

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