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How do I set up my job to be 'Work View Ready?'

With Work View jobs, payments are automatically processed using your default payment method. Payments can be processed using a credit card, an active PayPal account or from funds in Elance account.  If you choose to use your Elance balance as your payment option, a credit card or an active PayPal account must be added as a back-up payment method.  Once the default payment method is specified, the status of Work View will display Ready.

There are three reasons your job may not be ‘Workview Ready’:

  1. A default and/or backup payment method was never setup. To view how to setup default and backup payment methods, go here.

  2. A Work View payment failed. If this happens, you will need  to manually process a payment against one of the failed timesheets to re-enable the automatic Work View payment process. To view how to make a payment, click here.

  3. The job is in Dispute. The Dispute will need to be resolved before the job can become Work View Ready again.

Note:  If a Client has at least one Work View job that is in Working status, the system will not allow the default payment method to be changed to a credit card that is not authenticated and will display an error. The payment source will need to be authenticated prior to changing the default payment method.


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