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How does Work View™ help Clients manage Hourly jobs?

Work View is a safe and efficient way to pay for Hourly work online. With Work View, Freelancers can document their work as it progresses by streaming screenshots and comments into the Work View section of the Workroom. Clients can view the work in real-time and provide timely input and guidance. With Work View, Clients verify they are paying only for hours worked by the Freelancer and Freelancers are guaranteed to get paid for the hours they work while using this feature.

Are you a Freelancer? Click here to learn how Work View can make managing your Hourly projects a whole lot easier!


  • Simplified Billing and Payments: Streamlined online Timesheets and payments link hours billed with documented work.

  • Approved Work: Clients are confident paying for documented hours and Freelancers are guaranteed payment for hours worked.

  • Improved collaboration and trust: Freelancers and Clients can communicate and share screenshots as Hourly work is being delivered.

How do I set up my job to be Work View ‘Ready’?

With Work View jobs, payments are automatically processed using your default payment method. Payments can be processed using a credit card, an active PayPal account or from funds in Elance account.  If you choose to use your Elance balance as your payment option, a credit card or an active PayPal account must be added as a back-up payment method.  Once the default payment method is specified, the status of Work View will display Ready.

Why is my Work View ‘Not Ready’?

There are three reasons your job may not be ‘Workview Ready’:

  1. A default and/or backup payment method was never setup. To view how to setup default and backup payment methods, go here.

  2. A Work View payment failed. If this happens, you will need  to manually process a payment against one of the failed timesheets to re-enable the automatic Work View payment process. To view how to make a payment, click here.

  3. The job is in Dispute. The Dispute will need to be resolved before the job can become Work View Ready again.

Note:  If a Client has at least one Work View job that is in Working status, the system will not allow the default payment method to be changed to a credit card that is not authenticated and will display an error. The payment source will need to be authenticated prior to changing the default payment method.

As a Client, how do I use Work View?

All Hourly jobs are Work View enabled when a job is posted.

Once your Freelancer accepts the job and Tracker is turned on, Work View allows your Freelancer to stream images and comments into the Workroom. The images are taken at random intervals throughout the hour to create a record of the work performed online. You can access the Work View section of your job from the menu on the left of your Workroom.

When working on a Work View job with Tracker, you have  the option to reject any screenshots that are not relevant to the job.

To reject a screenshot, follow these steps: 

  1. Sign in to your Elance account.

  2. Click My Elance from the top navigation bar.

  3. Click on the job name.

  4. In the job’s Workroom, click the Work View link from the left.

  5. Rollover the screenshot in question and click on the Reject icon that appears. Once you confirm this action, the screenshot and the associated time (12 minutes) will be removed from the Freelancer's Timesheet.

Once a screenshot has been rejected, the Freelancer will receive an email notification and a message will be posted in the Workroom. They then have the option of requesting assistance from Elance to review the rejection.

Other Frequently Asked Questions about Work View


Q: How do I require Work View for my jobs?

A: When creating your job post, include a note that states your requirement for Work View usage by the Freelancer. Upon agreeing to project terms and costs, also reiterate this requirement.


Q: I required Work View  for one of my jobs, but it appears that the Freelancer did not use Work View.

A: If the work was completed and delivered, the Freelancer should be paid as agreed. If the work was not completed, you may dispute the hours and Elance will adjust the Timesheet without question.


Q: I used Work View and am not happy with the quality of work. Is quality covered when I use Work View?

A: The quality of work is not guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied with the quality, you should contact your Freelancer to discuss or terminate the job with the Freelancer.


Q: How do I respond to a comment my Freelancer included with a screenshot?

A: It's not possible to reply to a comment via Work View. If your Freelancer asked you a question via the comments feature, you should answer their question using the Workroom.


Q: Can I add a comment to a screenshot?

A: Only your Freelancer can add a comment to a screenshot.


Q: Can I delete an image?

A: When working on a Work View job with Tracker, you have the option to reject any screenshots that are not relevant to the job.


Q: What do I do if I find objectionable screenshots or comments in my Freelancer's Work View?

A: You should contact the Freelancer and ask for clarification on the screenshot. If the screenshots or comments violate our Terms of Service, you should report them to Customer Support. Please include as many details as possible to help Elance find the screenshot or comments in the Work View to review.


Q: What do I do if I find an issue with the screenshots and want to dispute the hours on the Timesheet?

A: You can dispute hours recorded on the Timesheet during the Timesheet Review Period.

Timesheet Review Period: The Work View Timesheet is submitted automatically on Monday at 7:00AM ET for the prior week. The Client has until the following Friday 11:59PM ET (5 business days) to review the Timesheet before it is automatically charged to the Client account. If the Client disagrees with the time billed, they must identify the hours not related to the job requirements or Client instructions and submit a dispute to Elance prior to this deadline. All payments will be disabled for the project once a dispute is filed. Disputes cannot be filed after the Timesheet Review Period.


Q: When I view Work View there are images that state "Computer Idle. No time recorded". What does this mean?

A: If the Freelancer's computer has no activity for 24 minutes, Tracker will be paused and 24 minutes will be deducted from the Timesheet. If this time should be submitted on the Timesheet, the Freelancer can add it manually to "Other" hours.


Q: I'm unable to view the images in the Workroom or the images are black.

A: The screenshots will show up as black images if the user's desktop is inactive or has been locked. 


Q: Can I turn off Auto-Pay for a Work View job?

A: Work View requires that you have a payment source that is setup on Auto-Pay, therefore you cannot turn off Auto-Pay and continue using Work View. 

What is Work View Payment Protection for Clients?

When using Work View, Elance will pay a Freelancer for documented work not paid for or otherwise adjusted by Clients. Specific terms and guidelines apply. Click the links below to learn more.

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