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Can I make multiple payments at once?

Elance offers the ability to make multiple payments at once for Enterprise Clients. Learn more about how you can become an enterprise client here.

Only account Administrators can use the Bulk Pay feature. To use Bulk Pay, follow these steps:

  1. Download a CSV template of all active jobs from the My Elance page
  2. Update the template with payment amounts
  3. Upload the template to initiate the bulk payment process. Once the payment processing is completed, the user will be notified of the results via email.



Troubleshooting Tips:

Having trouble uploading your file? See below for a few reasons the CSV file may not be accepted while uploading:

  1.  If you are using Mac, the file must be saved as a “Windows CSV format” file
  2. AMOUNT (column N) cannot be left blank. Any row without the AMOUNT value should be deleted from the file
  3. ITEM (column A) must be a unique number
  4. ITEM_TYPE (column O) must be typed in all caps. (e.g. OTHER, BONUS, EXPENSE)
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